We prepare and file VAT returns in all EU countries

We provide our services globally and in accordance with the regulations, procedures and deadlines of each country, so that your company does not have to hire multiple local advisers. We manage all VAT-related returns such as periodic VAT returns, annual summary, list of intra-Community transactions, INTRASTAT, wherever you need it.

Pay only the VAT you are entitled to

Online sellers

In the case of online sellers there are many circumstances to be taken into account when calculating, preparing and filing VAT returns, otherwise your company may end up paying more VAT than required or failing to collect the actual VAT owed to it. The tax authorities take VAT fraud very seriously, and it might pose a significant risk to your online shop if you do not collect/pay the right amount of VAT.

Pay only the VAT you are entitled to
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How we work

A multidisciplinary team
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Avoid tax risks in your online shop's VAT returns


Our services range from providing local support or assistance to the tax/financial departments of large companies to a comprehensive service by becoming the company’s own tax department, calculating, preparing and filing its VAT returns. Our services and rates are flexible, depending on the size of our clients and the services needed.


Our expert VAT team and global network of collaborators allow us to operate in all EU countries, providing you with a global service that is also close at hand and available almost immediately.


Your company will receive regular updates on your mandatory returns, deadlines for filing your returns and their status.

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